About I Want Your Love

"I Want Your Love" is a unique collaboration between a gay porn studio, NakedSword, and independent filmmaker Travis Mathews. After seeing Mathew's ground-breaking In Their Room documentary series, the studio wondered if there might be a way to work together. Mathews produced the idea for a narrative film that would use explicit sex to create an unflinchingly honest portrait of gay life.

The result, I Want Your Love is a landmark of gay cinema, praised by both filmmakers and fans alike. NakedSword is proud to offer this original presentation for the first time, on both DVD and VOD.

About NakedSword.com

Often referred to as the HBO of gay porn, NakedSword has been a leader in gay erotica for over a decade. A pioneer of video-on-demand and online streaming, the company ventured into original content in 2004 with the gay porn soap opera Wet Palms. In ensuing years, NakedSword has built a name for itself with innovative gay media programming, including a gay porn talk show (The Tim and Roma Show), live event coverage (The GayVN Awards), and gay news sites (The Sword, Gay Porn Blog). In recent years, NakedSword moved aggressively into original productions with new series (Golden Gate, Hooker Stories, Wilde Road). NakedSword has been featured in publications including the Advocate, Huffington Post and Indiewire.




Press I Want Your Love

Pre-Launch Press/Buzz

The Sword: Butt Is It Art?
"This is by far the best porn I've ever seen." (Commenter)

Johnny Murdoc: Travis Mathew's I Want Your Love
"I really could not be more fucking excited for this."

GayPornBlog: "I Want Your Love": Where Gay Porn Meets Indie Film
"...a ground-breaking, genre-bending project."

Unzipped: Scripted Reality Porn Or Hardcore Indie Film?
" ... unlike anything I've ever seen ... "

GayPornBlog: "I Want Your Love" World Premiere on NakedSword
"This is the hottest sex scene/porn I've ever seen." (Commenter)

The Sword: Trailer: "I Want Your Love"
"One-of-a-kind haute cinema biker fag porn ... "

Launch Press (4/23/2010)

Fleshbot: The Gay Hipster Art Porn Flick That the Whole Internet Is Talking About
"...What we've seen so far is frankly amazing."

AKA William: Trailer For I Want Your Love, A Scripted Reality Gay Porn Indie Film
"I really can't wait to see this."

"We need to support more projects like this."

Prefix Mag: Girls Provide Soundtrack To Hardcore Gay Porn Film
"... does seem like a cut above most hardcore efforts."

Catch Fire: "I Want Your Love" By Travis Mathews
"Blurs the borders between a "feature film" and a "porn film","

Buzz on Twitter @tommy5tone
"Maybe one of my favorite things ever to come out of this industry."

death + taxes magazine: Girls Score Porn Flick
"This isn't some seedy porn flick ..."

WayBig: Travis Matthews' I WANT YOUR LOVE (Now Playing On NakedSword)
"Really want to see the film complete." (Commenter)

AVN: NakedSword Debuts Gay Porn Art Film

Xbiz: NakedSword Debuts Gay Porn Art Film

GayPornTimes: 'Gay Porn Art Film' Premieres on NakedSword

MBV Music: Girls Score Actual Hardcore Porn Film

Post-Launch/Ongoing Press

LeFag: The 'I Want Your Love': Porn for Alterna Beardy Gays
"... a new sub-genre of verité porn..."

DiggingToChina: I Want Your Love (2010) (NSFW)
"Words can not express how much I love Travis Matthews' new short ..."

Tetu: Quand le cinéma indé rencontre le porno "On ne peut que saluer la volonté de Mathews de raconter une histoire plus ambitieuse." 
("We can only welcome the willingness of Mathews to tell such an ambitious story.")

Metafilter: Quasi-amateur art porn of scruffy, impoverished, readers of 'Butt' magazine

Tumblr: I Want Your Love
"Reblogging this shit for like the 500th time, and I'm about to reblog the video."

Silvaras Lair: Swoon I fell in love with Travis Mathews' I WANT YOUR LOVE
"I haven't stopped watching it and thinking about it."

The New Gay: Erotica? Hipster Fantasies from a "Wistful Pervert"
"I want to write a love letter to this video ..."

Frank And Gabe: The Thinking Man's Gay Porn
"Overall, it looks amazing."

Aj Christian's Blog: Travis Mathews' Web Series, Films Probe Intimacy While Playing With Genre
"... perfectly pitched for this moment when people are used to seeing strangers broadcast their lives sexually and yet rarely see sex explicitly in the cinema ... "

Yagg.com: Best of Revue de web
"Le porno gay réaliste, c'est possible?"

Gay Like You: "Jack Shamama, I Want Your love"

Frank And Gabe: Travis Mathews Gets Our Love
"There's talk and there's explicit sex, but there's also something much more nuanced happening."

I Want Your Love: A Film by Travis D Mathews
"He is amazing ... I love him!"

Men Of Color Blog: We Want Your Love, Too, Travis Matthews
"...This is too real to be porn"

Pitchfork: Girls Contribute Music to Gay Porn Film

Corner Shop Studios: Girls, Chromatics and Glass Candy Turn to Porn

Baxter's Briefs: "Some more ... In Their Rooms"

OMGBlog: Indie music stars align for hardcore gay porn film
"This is so hot I can't stand it. I will buy this video. And I don't even buy porn." (Commenter)

SF Bay Guardian: Director Travis Mathews makes gay porn intimate, cuddly, relatable
"It's impressive to me that it's scripted, because it does feel so real. You don't really get the sense that they're acting"

Spin Magazine: Girls' Gay Porn

Advocate.com: Indie Band Girls Goes Gay in Porn

Ambiente G: Cortometraje: 'I want your love' de Travis Mathews

IndieWIRE: In the Works: Gay Intimacy

I Need Gay Porn Blog: "I've been OBSESSED with a short art house film called I Want Your Love."

San Francisco Bay Guardian "Best of the Bay 2010 Editor's Picks"

The Banana Blog: A visitor of the blog recently sent me a promotional preview clip of the movie "I Want Your Love." I think it's great so I wanted to share it with you all.

Justusboys.com: "...Quite possibly the best short film i've seen (and i've seen a lot)."

Dudetube (one of the top gay porn blogs, been very supportive of the project):

Manhunt Daily


GayPornBlog (duh!)